Oh… What have I done…

Spent all Saturday driving a UHaul to Eugene and back…

My goal is to have the car fitting in the garage again by the end of the month, several of these are spoken for.

All told I dragged home an Atari Badlands (in a cab from one of the Sprint games I think), Centipede, Dig Dug, Nintendo R-type, and a Universal Mr. Do’s Castle in some kind of really early Sega cab. The Badlands and R-type are uprights, the others are cocktail tables.

Lost sibling

I found a twin to the ‘FF’ mystery cab at this year’s Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show in Tacoma, WA!

The design of the cabinet and hardware is pretty much identical, and the art is in a similar style, though completely different in content.

Not sure if this one was originally drilled for two buttons or if that was done for Time Pilot ’84. Both positions are labeled on the overlay, like the one I’ve got.

Non-infringing totally not TIE fighters, or in any way related to Star Wars, side art.

The magic smoke came out (not a 4/20 post)

So this happened…

Weird, because it was a non-original flyback transformer. I guess the reproductions aren’t quite as long lived as the factory item. It stunk up the office for a few hours and put Do Run Run out of commission until I could swap the G07 chassis I just finished rebuilding in…

…But what this post is really about is a new mystery cab I picked up!

Came to me totally gutted, but set up with art for a Taito Twin Eagle conversion. First look indicates it’s been painted at least twice.

Pulling the coin door reveals its original color, white.

The inside is marked up with circular quality control inspection stamps in several spots, along with a single date code on the left under the control panel.

Control panel is swiss cheese…

This tag on the back ended up being the big clue. I thought at first that Tuni Electro Service must have been the operator that owned this cabinet, but it turns out to be an alternate brand that Century Electronics games were marketed under.

From what I’ve been able to find online, Tuni/Century marketed a set of games designed to be easily interchangeable in a standardized cabinet design. The lineup for this cabinet design included Dazzler, Cosmos, Radar Zone, Dark Warrior, Space Fortress, and 8-Ball. Unfortunately there’s no real way to determine what game this cabinet originally contained, since it was completely stripped and finding production records is extraordinarily unlikely.

Researching this one led me to a few helpful pages:

KLOV entry for Dazzler (small cabinet pic)

Radar Zone flyer with Tuni Interchangable System blurb and some cabinet pics

Century Electronics Cosmos flyer with cabinet pic

A KLOV thread with pics from someone who picked up an unconverted example of this cab

Detailed history of Century/Tuni and the CVS system