Damn dirty apes!

Traded one Nintendo for another over the weekend. I drove my R-Type project and a few Playchoice 10 carts (Mario Bros and Punch Out, for those keeping count) up to Tacoma, and came back with a Donkey Kong Junior and a DK3 kit.

It’s a dedicated unit that doesn’t show any signs of ever having been converted, which is great! Unfortunately it’s also a US made DK Jr cabinet, which means it has particle board sides instead of plywood. When production was added in Redmond, WA to accommodate demand for the games in the US, some aspects of the cab design and materials were changed too, and the 1/2″ plywood used for the Japanese produced cabs was abandoned. This also means that the lovely new t-molding the previous owner installed actually isn’t wide enough, since it’s intended for the thinner plywood cabinets.

It plays, mostly… Though there’s some “slight” graphical issues that cropped up after my having moved it.

Need to go in and reseat the interconnect cables between the boards and see if that helps, they’re rather notorious for causing issues in Nintendo games.

Lost sibling

I found a twin to the ‘FF’ mystery cab at this year’s Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show in Tacoma, WA!

The design of the cabinet and hardware is pretty much identical, and the art is in a similar style, though completely different in content.

Not sure if this one was originally drilled for two buttons or if that was done for Time Pilot ’84. Both positions are labeled on the overlay, like the one I’ve got.

Non-infringing totally not TIE fighters, or in any way related to Star Wars, side art.