Off hiatus!

The blog’s not dead! It just took a back seat to an offline project I’ve been really excited about. Behold, PDXcellent #1.

I *just* finished printing and stapling the first test run and it looks good! Just a little bit of fine tuning and I’ll be ready to start running off copies in bulk. I hope to get copies to contributors and consigned at a few places in the next week or two. If you want to get a copy by mail, drop a comment or otherwise get in touch.

I put all my points into hardcore!

I made a special trip to Portland Button Works when I saw this in stock with only two copies remaining. Got the last one, and it was so worth the effort. Did you know you’re less likely to be attacked by zombies when hammered, and dropping acid will make those corny spells you made up during your “goth phase” actually work?