Off hiatus!

The blog’s not dead! It just took a back seat to an offline project I’ve been really excited about. Behold, PDXcellent #1.

I *just* finished printing and stapling the first test run and it looks good! Just a little bit of fine tuning and I’ll be ready to start running off copies in bulk. I hope to get copies to contributors and consigned at a few places in the next week or two. If you want to get a copy by mail, drop a comment or otherwise get in touch.

2 thoughts on “Off hiatus!

  1. Ken, I am interested to see what is under the front cover- looks interesting.
    Count me in for a copy. Copy #1? Signed, of course, I would hope, being a first edition and all. And dedicated, please! We loved the mural gallery slideshow. I’ll bet Polaris doesn’t even have a complete set. P.S. Where do you find the time!!!

    • I’ll send you one in my next batch of mail!

      As far as finding the time, there’s plenty for writing when I stop doing other things :P

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