The Cars of Others – 198x Subaru GL Wagon

There’s a million of these old Subarus still kicking around, and they all seem to be that particular shade of blue. Ski racks are a pretty common addition… The snowmachine rack is less commonplace. Don’t think I’d want to be driving behind this fine piece of frontier engineering under any circumstances.

The Cars of Others – Subaru XT

Ever since I saw my first, the Subaru XT it has had a place on my automotive bucket list. 80s starfighter styling, all wheel drive, pop up headlights, and crammed full of failure prone but endearing gadgets that are a product of their time in every way. What’s not to love? A little under 100000 were produced over its six year run, so it might just be attainable.

This one lives in NW Portland, displaying a surprisingly nice paint job for its age in that one shade of blue that somehow works only on Subarus of a certain vintage.

The bumper stickers give away the owner as a local.