They’re coming out of the walls!

Went out on Friday to go pick up some working monitors I’d heard were available since I have a feeling the repairs on the ones I have are going to take a while. The price was good enough I took the whole group.

One is a G07, another is a K4600 variant, but the third is kind of an oddball.

I’ve never seen one of these before. Chassis board is labeled Videomaster13 and the tube is a Samsung unit.

I also noticed the interface board for the K4600 I just got is different from the one on the K4600 in the Mr. Do machine.

Still need to research what the difference is (I know they take different sync signals at the very least).

I was going to swap the new to me K4600 into Mr. Do but then found that it had the shittiest brackets ever installed when it was converted. Two pieces of angle stock with four bolts… No support for the rear of the chassis or anything for the monitor to rest on when it is unbolted. Definitely a two person job to remove.

Also found this when I was having a closer look at the interior of the cab. Original Game Plan Inc. tag for Megatack.

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