The Cars of Others – Saab 95, Mustang II

Spotted this Saab 95 wagon outside WhiskeyFest Northwest. Believe it’s a later production model from the 70s, due to the front fascia design, front hinged doors, and rear ‘spoiler’.

This Mustang II ‘Ghia’ falls somewhere between 1974-78. Aside from being painted and upholstered with one of the most offensively boring color combos possible it looks pretty good for its age.

The Keen Shoes Checker cab, parked near their new storefront on NW 13th. Based on the bumper, a 1972 or later example.

2 thoughts on “The Cars of Others – Saab 95, Mustang II

  1. Hey, I had one of those ’78 Mustangs and thought it was a pretty nice ride. Not so butt ugly, though, it was black/camel half roof. The v-6 had plenty of power for the weight, and it was plush inside, with the thickest carpet around. (Okay, I added another layer to make it so thick, but it was plush!) Nice stereo, and comfy seats. If only I still had it….

  2. I love that they came stock with shag carpeting. That sounds like the greatest thing ever (well, until it got wet anyway).

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